"How To Wait" Collects the work of 30 trans, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming artists as they attempt to cope with the myriad forms of waiting that come with their experiences of gender.

Edited by Sage Persing
Cover by Ranafarba

Gabriel Howell, AJ Rio-Glick, E.L. Tedana, Allspice, Erin Nations, Joris Bas Backer, Sam Owens, Maia Kobabe, Samuel Luke, Krysta Morningstarr-Cox, Oliver Northwood, Indie Beare, Laurel Lynne Leake, Mister Loki, Ash Wadi, Kou Chen, Sage Persing, Kat Ghastly, Will Betke-Brunswick, Simon Williamson, Veronica Casson, Joa Blumenkranz, Charlie Davies, Jae Zander Kitinoja, Jamie Diaz, Sonya Saturday, Oce, Ajuan Mance, Kimball Anderson, Maia Vleck

This book contains Sonya's short story "I Wrote This About Myself."